Pantone Colors - Vol. 2

Pantone Colors - Vol. 2 image

Our second collection is almost complete.
This Saturday we will be doing a photo session.
Hopefully the result will be outstanding and according to expectations.

In this second collection, I am working with a new team, which until today I can say "Oh, I love them!!" Haha.. Finally able to find a team that can support the vision and make ideas in my brain becomes real and beautiful.
It was a blessing!

Our volume 2 will be playing in 3 pantone colors.
3 different personalities depicted in 3 contrasting colors.
Soft, Bold and Classic. Which one are you? :)

Hopefully our new pattern will be well received. As well as our new design.
Our volume 2 is expected to be ready by next week. I hope all goes well, perfect and sold well..


Our 1st

Our 1st image

I am very excited to launch our website. finally!!

This year be the year when a lot of things happening for the first time for our brand.
New concepts, new production team, new people who inspire a lot and became a partner to share a lot of ideas that can be realized to be real.

No pleasure that can not be unsaid when learning new things, new experiences, new ideas .. and also for the first time in a very long time, I cried very loud scream and felt pain tightness in the chest, for the things that have to be passed in the process of our first collection. Feel cheated and hurt by someone who destroyed the first collection that was prepared with great detail and careful in every little thing. But in the end, it was worth if it's allowed me to get up and keep doing something that became a passion in my mind for a second collection.

Thanks to all consumers who purchase products from our first collection, even though it is not perfect, especially in terms of measurement, sorry for the umpteenth time to you, and thank you so much if you keep encouraging and give support to this brand (and to me personally), there are no words I can say it again. Let God lavishes mercy and grace in every step in your life and family.

I hope all my feelings and sincerity to produce a work that has a feeling to the wearer can be conveyed even more in our new collection. Have a blessed life!

with lots of love and sincerity,
Grace Manthovani
for icorisio