Pantone Colors - Vol. 2

Pantone Colors - Vol. 2 image

Our second collection is almost complete.
This Saturday we will be doing a photo session.
Hopefully the result will be outstanding and according to expectations.

In this second collection, I am working with a new team, which until today I can say "Oh, I love them!!" Haha.. Finally able to find a team that can support the vision and make ideas in my brain becomes real and beautiful.
It was a blessing!

Our volume 2 will be playing in 3 pantone colors.
3 different personalities depicted in 3 contrasting colors.
Soft, Bold and Classic. Which one are you? :)

Hopefully our new pattern will be well received. As well as our new design.
Our volume 2 is expected to be ready by next week. I hope all goes well, perfect and sold well..